Art is the Window of Humanity

Art is the window of humanity---the reflective lens by which we see each other---our past, present, and future. Through art, we can uplift the spirit of humanity by touching the hearts, minds, and actions of our communities.

Our unique collection of art projects the goodness of human nature and captures the most precisous of human values and experiences. Each rendering embodies the theme: Uplifting Humanity Ripple Effects and is accompanied with a “ripple story.” Together, both rendering and story will inspire a symposium of community dialogue, storytelling, and discussions designed to make meaningful human connections and bridge human differences.  

Join the Ripple Art Movement

Explore our unique gallery, meet the artists uniting across the globe, and be a part of our symposium dialogues. Help us generate positive ripples throughout our community. Together we can change the hearts, minds, and actions of America---one village at a time. Proceeds from original art and prints auctioned or sold will be used to fund our HEAL programs and to support our local artists.

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