Mutual Deliverance by Kim Rowlands

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60″ x 48″ Varnished Chalk Pastel and Graphite


Uplifting Humanity: Social Constructs

Kim Roland’s “Mutual Deliverance” offers a very special message that emerges out of acts of human kindness. A single act of human kindness reproduces a feeling of love that initially, may have been intended for the receiver, but is often miraculously returned to the initiator. In the end, both are touched by what started out as a single act.

This phenomenon often happens in human collaborations. We experience a dignity and a healing in the exchange of kindness. We think we are leaning-in to help others, but find that we also experience a mutual value that is given back to us. Its like a boomerang effect that multiplies from a single act of kindness.

“I personally have experienced this many times. In my drawing, I capture this love exchange between my son and a young boy he set-out to help. In the end, my son felt that the young boy had touched his life more profoundly than any way he could ever image helping the young boy.” –Kim Rowlands

We should be inspired by the fact that the “Mutual Deliverance” we have received by those who have gone before us to help make a better world, can be by paying an act of kindness forward.

As we continue to embrace our differences and value diversity, we can uplift humanity; one act of kindness at a time.

Kim is an artist, coach and life student. After growing up in the land of Kwa Zulu Natal, home of the great warrior, King Shaka Zulu. She now resides in Rochester, NY. She is devoted to her family and calling. Kim has lived, created a home, exhibited her art and coached people and communities in ‘freedom and healing’ across three different continents. She has collected life stories and experiences that are sure to captivate your heart.

Kim currently serves at The Father’s House in Rochester, NY where she is known for her ability to build, inspire and coach others. She leads people on their unique journeys toward growing in their faith and developing their God-given talents. Mobilizing them personally in the church and community, she shares from a place of vulnerable strength. Kim allows those who listen to find hope and permission in their own stories of brokenness and pain. All the while, Kim remains vigilant to call forth courage and invite us to live lives that overcome, progress, and ultimately embrace the kind of freedom that is ours.

“I am so privileged to be exhibiting at, and having a piece auctioned at, this timely event. This is a great initiative in bringing awareness to those whose shoulders we stand on the ripple effects of their efforts.

It is rare that people are recognized and celebrated for the effects of their ripple on society. I love Ripple Hall Of Fame and how it brings awareness to what has worked in the past so that we can duplicate the best parts of our past.