After the riots, Joseph C. Wilson approached Minister Franklin Florence, a then emerging leader in the black community, and asked him, “What can we do?” Franklin’s response was simple: “We need Jobs.” Joseph agreed to invest seed funding for FIGHTON, a business that would be owned by the black community. This collaboration would mark both an economic and political breakthrough. Joe Wilson committed the resources of Xerox to assist with this effort. He commissioned Horace Becker to coordinate those efforts with the resources of Xerox in collaboration with the FIGHT organization. FIGHT was formed as a community owned organization formed FIGHTON, which became the first Black run community owned corporation. As a result of Joe Wilson’s vision and commitment to this effort, Xerox continued for decades to assist FIGHTON in efforts to be a successful business enterprise


Joseph C. Wilson Magnet High School, sometimes referred to as Wilson Magnet or just Wilson, is a public high school in Rochester, New York. It is in the Rochester City School District. Wilson began as West High School in 1905 on what was then the edge of Rochester. It was renamed the Joseph C. Wilson Junior High School in 1972, in honor of Joseph C. Wilson, a West High graduate, founder and CEO of Xerox Corporation, and a longtime pillar of the Rochester economy.

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