Healed People Heal People!

We are a nation in pain.

It takes a village to heal the social wounds of this nation.  Our oral interviews reveal that there is much healing that is needed to overcome years of social oppression and racial tension.  Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries, and without them humanity will not survive. The American dilemma and the elevation of humanity intertwine as the future hings on our ability to heal the disconnected pieces of our lives.


Souls of a Nation Theater

Souls of a Nation Theater is a 9-month program designed to heal the soul and restore lost voices through the use of monologue performances, personal coaching, theater, public perfornaces, and community dialogues. No former acting necessary.

Community for Times Such as This

Building the beloved community---one soul, one village at a time. This community program combines the work of monologue presentations, dialogue, and the wisdom circle to heal the invisible scars of broken threads in our personal, family, and community lives.

Education & Exhibits


Qualitative Oral History research on outcomes of post-riot collaborations.


Our information and education materials highlight the process of building social capital across races and provide insights on ways to improve social relations, economic parity, personal well-being, and poverty conditions.

Youth Uplifting Humanity

A youth leadership program designed to develop the voice of the future leader who is skilled in bridging divides.

Pillars of Hope Exhibit

This exhibit reveals the true "Legacy of 64" within 17-categories of community collaborations that resulted from people and organizations working together to restore and rebuild broken communities.

Awareness Through Art

Ripple Art Window Of Humanity Gallery & Symposium

A collection of art renderings that capture the positive values embodied within the most precious of human values.

United Global Artists

Each year our growing group of artists recruited across the globe will join forces to provide artistic rendering and stories that uplift the spirit of humanity.


Ripple Hall of Fame

Our mission is to preserve the historical roots of post-riot collaborations and their role in restoring the aftermath of broken communities, building a better future, and preventing future riots.

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