Don Alhart, Emcee

Don Alhart is the main news anchor at WHAM TV 13 and has served the Rochester region for 50 years.   His award winning performance connects with his audience, touching our hearts and minds with segments like “the Bright Spot.” In 2010, he was inducted into the NY State Broadcasters Hall of Fame, and just last month, remarkably, celebrated 50 years of service with the same TV station.  And he has never missed a scheduled day at work!  Broadcasting news is just one of his many talents.  Don has compassion and strives to make life better for others, volunteering in so many ways. One is that of a Rotarian, who believe and live by the motto “Service Above Self”.  As a Rotarian, Don has achieved the highest levels of leadership in our region---first as Club President and later as a District Governor.  The time and resources he gives shows his commitment to charity.  One of his favorites is the Sunshine Camp where children with disabilities can have a safe andwonderful camping experience. Earnestly, in Rotary Don Alhart is also known affectionately as Don “All Heart”.  He serves with humility and grace. Don cherishes the times he shares with his lovely wife, four children, and grandchildren.


Natalie Cofield

A millennial that found inspiration at the nexus of business, community and politics, Cofield has carved a niche for herself as an entrepreneur, advocate, and speaker on all things business and diversity. A converted management consultant, economic fellow, and economic development director. Cofield is the Founder & CEO of Walker’s Legacy a global women in business collective and Urban Co-Lab, shared co-working community for urban innovators. She previously served as the President & CEO of the Greater Austin Black Chamber of Commerce where her work resulted in award-winning, case-studied, nationally covered acclaim including the development #IAMBLACKAUSTIN. Her work has spanned continents, communities and corporations and can currently be found impacting lives and bottom-lines at organizations in cities like Austin, New York, DC, LA, Nairobi and beyond. Cofield if an avid traveller having visited more than forty countries and counting…

Deborah Ham Whitt

The Post1 1964 community leaders whose gallantry organized collaborations with others pointed the way to meaningful changes for African American residents. Legacy ’64 aims to remember and honor these remarkable people and preserve that history.  These men and women have labored over the years to take care of others. The legacy of their contributions lives on. 

Notable artists share their interpretation here at the Ripple Art Symposium. Tonight we come together to celebrate our inductees for their fortitude and activism, which led to viable solutions.  They replaced despair with hope, and for that we honor them.   Your presence here and your desire to significantly engage in social responsibility will forever become interconnected to

Martha Hope

Today, we reflect on the past, and recognize the successful endeavors of the ten astounding honorees. It is tremendously important to preserve the history of the Legacy of ‘64, and learn from the movement that developed back then. By understanding the steps to successful collaboration, and hearing the significant experiences the honorees endured, our social changes can be more apt, powerful and sustainable. It is clear why we chose the Legacy ’64 theme, “We Need Jobs” to draw attention to the prevalence of unemployment and poverty in Rochester. We are delighted you are sharing your time with us this evening to experience the stories of the extraordinary contributions of the inaugural Hall of Fame inductees.

Event Pictures

Ripple Hall of Fame, Museum, and Memorial is poised to become the historic preservation institution dedicated to preserving the history of post-riot collaborations, honoring its outstanding contributors, and connecting past, present, and future generations.  Its inception was based on an oral history project that determined the positive outcomes from collaborations that followed the Rochester rebellions of 1964. 

Take a look at the event pictures here for the 2016 Induction Ceremony....

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