Preserving the Legacy of Post-riot Collaborations


Legacy Of '64 Ripple Hall of Fame Museum & Memorial is poised to become a national historic preservation institution dedicated to preserving and promoting the history of post-rebellion collaborations. We do so by identifying, honoring, and displaying the outcomes and contributions of those who engaged in post-rebellion collaborations, which enabled communities to become more inclusive, to embrace the values and benefits of diversity, and to bring about social and economic parity for all its community members.

Our vision is to connect past, present, and future generations by sharing untold stories that help to bridge the gap in our knowledge and understanding of overcoming racial barriers and uplifting the spirit of humanity for all mankind. 

We are dedicated to promoting this history across generations by producing educational content and creating events that bring about awareness and understanding of this rich legacy. 

Legacy Of "64 was inspired by the oral history project started by Dr. Melody Cofield. The project revealed 17 Pillars of Outcomes that were generated by cross-cultural collaborations that formed after the Rochester rebellions of 1964.

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Ripple hall of fame

After the unrest in 1964, the need for jobs gave birth to the F.I.G.H.T organization, which was responsible for creating FIGHTON, a group which later became Eltrex Industries, Inc. Among the 10 inductees who collaborated for the creation of jobs is Minister Franklin Florence, who was head of the F.I.G.H.T. organization and such other community leaders as Connie Mitchell, who also played a key role in paving the way for African-Americans to have a voice in the political arena. At this annual forum, we will recognize the unsung, heroic, and cross-cultural contributions that formed to rebuild the Rochester community’s need for jobs.

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